Dr Mohamad Yaghi specializes in the practice of aesthetic laser procedures and of minimally invasive cosmetic rejuvenation face, and body contouring. He is considered a leading authority in utilizing the most innovative lasers for noninvasive aesthetic treatments and offers the latest treatments for all types of skin conditions including many innovative aesthetic procedures such as Botox, Restylane, and Radiesse injections, ,Volumalifting (injectable faclifting), injectable nose jobs , mini facelifts, FotoFacials, and fractional rejuvenation. Dr Yaghi performs body sculpting and contouring with the Smart lipo, skin tightening, stretch mark removal, cellulites treatment and laser vein treatment.

Dr Yaghi’s vision is to make Clinica De Los Angeles a center where everyone could benefit from the most recent advances in aesthetic and anti-aging medical technology.

Our staff is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of personal attention and care. We work with you as a team to restore or create the desired appearance. Dr. Yaghi and his team will be with you through every step of this exciting and life-improving process.


Dr. Mohamad Yaghi

Dr. Mohamad Yaghi is the owner and director of Clinica De Los Angeles medical group. Dr.Yaghi devotes his whole practice and attention to aesthetic laser therapy where he uses his extensive training and expertise to solve challenging cosmetic surgery problems of the face, neck and body. Over the past few years, Dr. Yaghi has quickly risen to become one of the most talented, reputable and sought after physicians in the greater Los Angeles area. LA cosmetic plastic surgery patients seeking a qualified and talented Dr for minimally invasive aesthetic procedures will find a home with Dr. Yaghi and his team at Clinica De Los Angles Medical Group.

Dr Yaghi is an expert on minimally invasive, aesthetic laser of the aging face, body contouring, and liposuction techniques. Dr. Yaghi’s work and techniques include Volumalifting (injectable facelifting), injectable nose jobs, SmartLipo, mini facelifts, FotoFacials, fractional rejuvenation.

Dr. Yaghi is regarded for his aesthetic, tasteful and artistic restoration of natural facial beauty that will maximize your aesthetic enhancement and rejuvenation.